Mindfulness is about finding that space,

in the midst of life,

where there is a clearer view and more choice.




Mindfulness for life


By seeing more clearly and understanding your habitual reactions to difficulty, you have choices in finding more skilful ways of managing the ‘ups and downs' of daily life. Our Mindfulness programmesMindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and MBCT for Life, offer real and lasting change that enable you to rebalance and navigate your life towards a greater sense of well-being. 

Our programmes are designed to be transformational, helping you to develop skills to better respond to stresses and challenges, and to engage more fully in joyful living. You will become better equipped to manage stress levels, cope with difficulty, and appreciate and cultivate the positive, joyful moments of life.

The courses are carefully designed to guide us through a learning journey that gradually builds awareness and new skills, ensuring that towards the end of the eight weeks people know how they wish to maintain their personal journey going forward. Mindfulness of the body and the breath are fundamental to learn to bring our awareness to the here and now, to really notice our experiences. This, in turn, helps us see more clearly what options are available to us, and we can make skilful choices for ourselves and our relationships. 

Over the eight weeks, we have a two-hour session every week, as well as a full day of practice on a Saturday just over half-way through the course. The full day is to have a chance to take some proper time out of the daily busy schedule and engage in mindfulness practice together to deepen our understanding and learning. 

The sessions explore the foundational principles of mindfulness through a combination of guided meditation practices, insightful exercises, and group discussion. The aim is very much to equip you with ways to make your learning practically applicable to your own life and circumstances.

It is important that you aim to make the space and time to attend all sessions, and if possible also the full day of practice. Each session has a theme and associated mindfulness practices, which you will continue to practice during the week before the next session. If for any reason you need to miss a session, we always make sure we help you catch up. The home practice between sessions is essential to engage in, in order to get the most out of the programme and integrate the learning into your life. 

What you will gain from Mindfulness for Life

  • Establishing mindfulness meditation practices that will support you throughout the course and into the rest of your life. 

  • Understanding your own stress triggers, mood regulation, and making space for more skilful responses to challenging situations or difficulty. 

  • Understanding and recognising reactive patterns in the face of stress, and how you can start to relate differently, with kindness and acceptance.

  • Learning to cultivate joy, helping you flourish and build resilience to support you through life's ups and downs.

  • Making space for your own well-being, and seeing how that also impacts positively on your relationships.

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"Wherever we are, we can take a deep breath, feel our body, open our senses, and step outside the endless stories of the mind"

Jack Kornfield